We provide services related regulatory compliances using frameworks like ISO9001:2008, ISO14001, ISO27001:2005,
Process Compliance models like
CMMIv1.2 for Dev and CMMIv1.2 for Services

Process Documentation
The documentation is carried out looking at needs of the client and keeping in mind Simplicity. The future need for Automation is also brought out using the ETVX models.

Process Implementation
The implementation phase is very critical in any journey and based on our years of experience, this phase is well planned out. Our expert team help the client’s and handhold in this critical phase.
The checks and balances ensure that implementation is in right direction.

As part of the implementation training to different levels of people is planned and carried out.

Internal Audit
We have a team of certified auditors and Lead Auditors and we help organizations with Internal Audit.

Metrics definition and Analysis
Metrics are very important in any industry. The right set of KPIs help the organization achieve its short term and long term goals. These metrics need to be collected, tracked, analyzed and targets need to be revised based on actual data. The usage of metrics and analysis is done by our team of expert Statisticians and Black Belts who then bring out improvement plans.